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I Think My Mom Is Trying To Poison Me

Alright, it’s extremely difficult for me to share this, yet I truly need to get it out there to check in case I’m going crazy. I have no one in my life to converse with about this, and on the off chance that I did it would consistently discover it’s way back to my mother.

she’s simply CAN NOT discover that I’m discussing this to anybody. I’m truly frightened and I don’t have the foggiest idea what to do.

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Foundation story: I’ve never had a decent connection with my folks, however, it got especially terrible when I began adolescence. My emotional well-being has begun to decline quickly, driving me to get hospitalized on various occasions. At the point when I was 14,

I argued to get removed from their home since I basically couldn’t take any of it any longer. I was put into a gathering home for little youngsters and began to improve when I was there. Despite the fact that I never felt needed or invited comfortable my mother consistently requested I move back home, yet I never concurred.

She generally attempted to impact me however much as could be expected and I just stayed in touch with her since I would not like to lose my kin. Quick forward to this year, kid administrations can’t deal with me any longer since I’m lawfully a grown-up now and I lost my employment, so I had nowhere to go.

I’m simply not ready to completely take care of myself yet, some portion of it due to my dysfunctional behavior (BPD and CPTSD). So I had no real option except to move back in with my mother (She separated from my Dad in 2017 so it’s just her and my kin at home how)

The current circumstance: Now, that is the place the frightening crap begins. At the point when I previously moved back home, everything went shockingly well from the outset.

My mother acted pleasant towards me, yet I was unable to dispose of the inclination that it was all phony, it simply didn’t appear to be truly bona fide. Half a month after I initially moved in she informed me regarding some new natural enhancements she was taking and about their incredible impacts.

She appeared to be exceptionally energetic about it and I didn’t think anything terrible of it, so I concurred when she requested that I take them. The pills had an unusual new taste to them, she clarified it being only the exceptionally solid homegrown embodiments. Not long after I began taking these prescriptions I started to feel odd. I just felt oddly wiped out the entire day and could scarcely eat or drink without choking.

Additionally, my stomach began to hurt downright terrible and I got looseness of the bowels so I thought It was stomach flu. I needed to go to the specialist about it yet my mother made me remain at home, requesting she’d deal with me.

Truly I was very glad since she used to never think about me when I was wiped out and it felt like a real demonstration of affection. She gave me a greater amount of her enhancements to treat my stomach issues however it truly didn’t help and I kept inclination more regrettable and I even began to hurl blood. Not too much yet at the same time.

I began to get the inclination that something was up with her enhancements since everything began once I started utilizing them. At the point when I stood up to my mother about it, she got extremely frantic at me for not believing her and caused me to feel liable as hellfire. Still, I chose to subtly quit utilizing the pills by letting them out once she wasn’t taking a gander at me any longer.

Sometime after that, I started to feel better once more, and she for reasons unknown didn’t appear to be upbeat about it. Well, that is the current circumstance I’m in. I presume that she may be harming me, here’s more motivation behind why:

A couple of years back there was an occurrence where she made me, my sister and my Dad drink weakened chlorine. She gave us this beverage, likewise asserting it was a wellbeing supplement.

It made our throats sore and caused extraordinary affliction and stomach hurts. It likewise leads to my sister’s hospitalization since she was so debilitated and dried out.

At the point when my Dad stood up to her and requested to recognize what it was she, at last, confessed to taking care of us chlorine since she’d heard it was sound in extremely little weakened portions.

He didn’t report her and my sister, fortunately, didn’t endure any drawn-out results. From that point forward my father despite everything doesn’t need her to give us strang supplements, however, he wound up trusting her reason. Yet at the same time, her actual thought process could have been anything.

  • She told a couple of relatives on various events that she wouldn’t see any problems with my passing. That she was simply tired of me and all the crap “I caused the family to experience”. If its all the same to my demise, possibly she’d even make it a stride further and help the reason.
  • Likewise, she discovered me twice half-dead after a self-destruction endeavor, and the multiple times she didn’t attempt to spare me, she simply left me for dead. If not for another person to spare me I’d be a distant memory now. That truly appears as though she needs to dispose of me, notwithstanding the reality she generally attempted to get me to move back home.

She’s truly put resources into me taking those enhancements, she generally ensures I take them before her eyes. That is in spite of the way that she never truly thought about my wellbeing previously. Once more, she is by all accounts upset about show signs of improvement.

I don’t know what to make of all that. I really don’t want to believe that my own mother could try to get rid of me, but at the same time, I don’t know what this woman is capable of. I can’t move out right now because I have no job & no money. I really hope it’s all just a coincidence and I’m just being paranoid.

I really want to believe that my mother finally started to love me after all these years, even though it’s very unlikely. Also, I’m the only one who’s taking these pills because my siblings are under my dad’s protection. They see my dad every weekend and he’s always making sure they are physically fine.

If he’d find hints of this on them he’d probably take actions against it. But I’m the eldest and he doesn’t really care about me anyway, he doesn’t want to see me so I can’t take my concerns to him.

I’m really hoping for advice from yall. Also, it’s a relief to get this shit out there & feel less alone with it.

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