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The Dead South – In Hell I’ll Be In Good Company [country] -Watch

I got MTV Unplugged Alice in Chains on the off chance that any other person needs to take Nirvana Unplugged.


I surmise this video is expected for its month to month re-post

I couldn’t care less what it’s identity is nevertheless we’ve had unsuitably low repost inclusion recently so someone’s gotta step up!

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I got Mazzy Star – blur into you this week!


I’ll snatch the Yeah Yeahs – Maps if it’s as yet accessible


Do you mean week by week?


This precise arrangement of remarks is in the string each time this video gets posted, as it ought to be.


At that point, somebody says ‘well for me it’s alright on the grounds that consider what number of individuals haven’t seen it.’ Which is the greatest Reddit twitch off I’ve seen?

The same goes for the Mongolian hard rock band video.


I went from: I like this melody okay/it doesn’t insult me to WTF, individuals? for the most part in light of the unending reposts.

The Dead South – In Hell I’ll Be In Good Company [country]

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