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The HU – Wolf Totem [Heavy Metal/Hunnu Rock/Mongolian Throat Singing] -Watch

The Hu is the very tip of what is metal, someplace around Sold. They play with it and adventure a piece into the domain for certain tunes. Less so for other people (I’m taking a gander at you, Legend of Mother Swan).

The HU - Wolf Totem
The HU – Wolf Totem

Contrast them with Hanggai who lies soundly in rock an area when they leave the social space, and it ought to be somewhat clear.

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I love The Hu, went to see them a year ago, crown halted me again this year. In any case, they aren’t substantial metal.

For Mongolian Heavy Metal, you need Tengger Cavalry, Nine Treasures, Ego Fall, or other stuff that way.

That is presumably on the grounds that I don’t generally make a differentiation among metal and substantial metal. Essentially all metal is overwhelming to some degree, and I believe it’s self-assertive to draw a line someplace and state that all the melodies on one side are substantial metal though the opposite side is simply metal. Or maybe, everything exists on a range of greatness, and undeniably a few melodies and gatherings are far heavier than others.

Additionally r/RonaCanceledTheHu4Me


I concur it’s quite self-assertive. I’m not saying they aren’t near metal or are affected by it, I simply believe it’s inappropriate to allude to them as a metal band and not a musical crew.

I think the part about this is individuals thinking Nature G, the vocalist of Tengger Cavalry committed suicide dependent on the introduction The Hu were getting, while different groups who apparently had worked more enthusiastically and for longer got none of it. I don’t have a clue about reality obviously, yet I believe it’s a disgrace only The Hu exploded, and not different groups also.


As dismal as that maybe, that is not something you can fault on The Hu. In any case, conjecturing about the explanations behind self-destruction is in itself somewhat dull, in the event that you ask me.


I realize he posted about his dissatisfaction with The Hu ascending to acclaim so rapidly on the Tengger Cavalry Facebook page. clearly I don’t know more than that, yet that is the thing that I’ve seen different individuals in and around the scene state was a contributing variable.

Doing whatever it takes not to accuse The Hu in the smallest, those folks appear to be magnificent and aren’t at fault for any of this.


Worth referencing that they likewise highlight in Star Wars: Jedi – The Fallen Order?

Cal is tuning in to them as he works in the initial scene and the track is rehashed at a later point and Cal comments “I know this band”.

By and by I truly like how they dull customary instruments and singing styles into a cutting edge sound. I couldn’t imagine anything better than to see them live.

The HU – Wolf Totem [Heavy Metal/Hunnu Rock/Mongolian Throat Singing]

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