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Alabama Shakes – This Feeling [Soul, Blues Rock]

Hard decision. “Hang on” got me through some truly dull occasions; fortunately I’m in a vastly improved spot now so this was all the more fitting. “Remain High” is pretty rad as well!


Happy you’re improving! Additionally, credit on the rad taste in music 👌


Alabama Shakes – This Feeling [Soul, Blues Rock]

This entire collection (sound and shading) is a present for mankind. Melodic imagination combined with amazingly all around picked sounds.

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His solo collection is so screwing acceptable. Goat head is such a ground-breaking melody.


That must be probably the most secure band. I’ve seen them live, and I saw them when they were on SNL. Only an all around oiled machine. they’re so acceptable


My better half and I purchased a minute ago tickets for $45 to see them a few years back. They were not exactly perfect seats, high up and distant; smallish scene, however. Be that as it may, god damn it is as yet one of the preferred shows I’ve at any point been to. Hadn’t had a good time like that at a show in a long while.


“Don’t Wanna Fight”, likewise off this collection, is one of my untouched main tunes.


Is the collection called Alabama Shakes? I wanna hear it


Nah the collection is designated “Sound and Color” I think.

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