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Caused A Riff In The Family In Light Of The Fact That I Ousted Naked Cousin

A couple of years prior, my cousin and I were viewing GOT together at his place and played a drinking game. He had 1-2 glasses of wine and I had two or three tastes since I can’t generally drink. I was 23 at that point and he was 22. He got somewhat delirious and I was basically calm and I disclosed to him I should commute home.

He discloses to me I should remain, and that he has an extra room. So I go to the extra room and keep on viewing GOT. A couple of moments later he comes in and converses with me and inquires as to whether I need anything. Furthermore, I state no.

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Furthermore, he comes and sits on the bed and puts his head on my shoulder. He leaves. A couple of moments later he returns and incredibly he is totally naked. He inquires as to whether I need anything once more. I kinda dismiss it however believe it’s kinda peculiar and advise him to disappear.

The following day he says he doesn’t recollect that anything and he become truly inebriated from 1-2 glasses of wine and when he gets alcoholic he jumps at the chance to get naked. I reveal to him alright however think that it is odd that he doesn’t recollect that anything. I commute home and mention to my grandmother what occurred and that I just felt awkward cuz he was stripped. I overlook she has an enormous mouth and afterward she continues to tell the whole family. Presently his mother abhors me and says that I was lying and the family keeps making up stuff to cause it to appear as though it was more than it was.

I think it was legitimate for me to feel awkward about the circumstance. What would it be advisable for me to do?

TLDR; my male cousin got naked before me after 1-2 glasses of wine and came into my room and I told my grandmother who told my whole family. Presently my family despises me and considers it when they made it into a greater arrangement than it is. I was simply awkward. What would it be advisable for me to do?


Try not to feel terrible for feeling awkward or telling your grandmother. Your cousin is bizarre and it sounds ruthless as hellfire. He ought to apologize as should your family for attempting to gaslight you into believing it’s YOUR shortcoming that your cousin was being a weirdo.


best counsel IMHO


My first cousin gave me his penis when we were kids when I told the family he denied it. Avoid him is the best to counsel.

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