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Debate in Australia Over Archbishop’s $6.5 Million Luxury Condo

National contention is unfurling in Australian prevailing press about the acquisition of a $6.5 million extravagance condo with perspectives on Sydney’s renowned harbor and Opera House—for the leader of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese.

“It’s an improbable home for a righteous man who has taken a pledge of neediness,” said Australian system, sharing subtleties of the exchange, just as the entirety of the extravagance conveniences and costs that accompany the buy.

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Diocese supervisor Makarios of Australia is the new inhabitant at an extravagance Sydney loft, “with dazzling perspectives on the Sydney Harbor Bridge, the Opera House, an attendant, and a warmed indoor pool,” revealed various Australian national media sources.

For a considerable length of time, the buy remained covered in secret, in spite of murmurs in the Greek Orthodox people group and different news stories in Australian diaspora paper Neos Kosmos, which were regularly met with irate reactions from chapel goers and protectors of the Archbishop.

Yet, since the exchange has been made open, an unholy line has broken out inside the very close Greek Orthodox people group.

As indicated by different Australian media reports, as of late made-open property records affirmed that the 3-room condo was bought for $6.5 million by the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia Consolidated Trust, an autonomous store of the Church, in late December.

The expenses alone expense almost $400,000 and the townhouse charges for the loft

The taxes alone cost nearly $400,000 and the condo fees for the apartment are $5600 a quarter, or over $20,000-a-year.

The Greek Orthodox Church of Australia purchased the apartment for the new Archbishop on December 20, 2019, after his predecessor, Archbishop Stylianos, spent years living an simple life in a small room at the Church’s headquarters in a working class suburb in the heart of Sydney’s Greek community.

A Trustee of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia Consolidated Trust, Nicholas G. Pappas, confirmed to that the apartment was purchased by the Trust as an official residence for the Greek Orthodox Archbishop of Australia.

Pappas said to the news portal that the Trust had not received any formal complaints regarding its acquisition and said “The Trust, not the Archbishop, retains ownership of the property, as it does with other real estate assets of the Church. The Archbishop does not own any real estate or other assets,’’

But the house purchase isn’t all that’s being discussed in Australian media. An alleged quid-pro-quo arrangement— which is unrelated to the apartment purchase— between the Archbishop and a member of the Australian parliament named Andrew Bragg is at the core of the scandal.

Archbishop Makarios was enthroned head of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia, after the death of his predecessor, Archbishop Stylianos, who ruled the Greek Orthodox Church for forty years.

Makarios arrived in Australia last year on a tourist visa, according to and after a chance meeting with Senator Andrew Bragg was his residency matter fast-forwarded through official channels.

Bragg, one of the biggest proponents of a pro-gay marriage campaign in Australia was an unlikely friend and ally to the head of a conservative Christian Church which only a few years earlier had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to convince its faithful to vote against the measure during a national vote.

According to news reports, at Archbishop Makarios’ request, Senator Bragg wrote to a senior cabinet minister in the federal government seeking assistance to resolve his visa situation.

The connections proved successful with the Greek Orthodox leader securing permanent Australian residency— something that would take an average person years to obtain.

For his troubles, Senator Andrew Bragg was surprised to discover he would become the first non-Greek and non-Orthodox person to ever receive the highest honor that the Greek Orthodox Church in Australia can bestow.

Senator Bragg was proclaimed a “Grand Commander” by Archbishop Makarios and a member of the Order of Christ-loving. His award included a 24-carat gold medal at a special service at the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Annunciation in Sydney.

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