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Eagle Eye Cherry – Save Tonight [Rock]- Watch

This is a tune that I all the while adore and consistently overlook exists. It’s a decent jam.


One of those jewels covered up in the mix

Eagle Eye Cherry – Save Tonight [Rock]


I realized as of late that Eagle-Eye Cherry isn’t a band name, it’s the person’s real legitimate name.

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He’s the child of jazz legend Don Cherry


Still such a smooth music video. Many recordings from that time haven’t matured so well. The melody consistently was an indulgence of mine.


Gracious, secondary school.


This entire collection was great. The melody Lorelei is one of my top picks.


Presently I’m having a few flashbacks to the late ’90s!


Gracious man this brings back certain recollections! A debt of gratitude is in order for the wistfulness!

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