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Try Not To Let Your Kids Livestream-Watch

The deadly spread of coronavirus has put Britain in lockdown. Leaders warning that the public should not go outside unless “absolutely necessary” has ensured the majority of World population stay in their homes to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

The isolation measures have led many to spend more time online – socialising with friends, consuming media and more. Children and young people have not been exempt from that trend – yet they could be at the greatest risk.

Do not let your kids livestream

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scientific expert hippy

This is exceptionally upsetting.


Small screwing cunt


There’s only something about that grin that just shouts something is off. I’ve seen it different children who might do this equivalent sort of thing.

I was unable to watch with sound from the outset, too apprehensive as well, however, in the wake of turning on the sound man, I swear this child looks and sounds precisely like a child I knew a couple of years back, presently only somewhat more seasoned clearly. Would not in any manner astonished me if this is him now!


abhorrent little poo, sick slap the fuck outta this child


Nah. not even far enough.


Be that as it may, he didn’t do it, savagery is never the appropriate response.


couldn’t care less. what’s more, now and then it is.


Regularly it is sensibly irrational.


it appears to be damn sensible here. cry another person a stream.

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