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Plane Accident: Around 40% Of Pilots In Pakistan Have ‘Counterfeit’ Flying Licenses- Experts

Sarwar uncovered the surprising news about the ‘phony’ pilots while introducing a temporary request report in the National Assembly of Pakistan about the ongoing PIA plane accident in Karachi.

Around 40 percent of the pilots in Pakistan have counterfeit flying licenses, said the Aviation Minister Ghulam Sarwar.

At any rate 262 out of the absolute 860 dynamic pilots in the nation didn’t give legitimate tests

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“Pakistan has 860 dynamic pilots, which incorporates PIA, Serene Air, and Air Blue pilots also. The request which was started in February 2019 indicated that 262 pilots didn’t give the test themselves and approached another person to sit for test for their sake,” the clergyman said. He said they have discovered during the examinations that pilots with ‘counterfeit’ licenses didn’t have legitimate flying experience. The 40 percent ‘counterfeit’ permit holders likewise incorporate many pilots who are not ‘dynamic flyers.’

Sarwar further uncovered: “Pilots were additionally designated on political premise, tragically. Legitimacy was overlooked while delegating pilots,” he included. He said that degrees of at any rate four PIA pilots had likewise been seen as phony, Pakistan media revealed.

He said that a request has been started in such manner, and showcase sees have been given to 54 pilots. “A portion of the pilots have additionally tested this notification in court. Up until this point, in any event, nine pilots have admitted to holding counterfeit degrees,” he guaranteed.

In his temporary report, the clergyman held pilots and the air control tower answerable for causing the PIA plane accident in Karachi. The PIA flight PK8303, conveying 99 individuals including eight-team individuals, collided with a thickly populated local location close to Karachi air terminal on May 22. Two individuals endure the accident while 97 travelers lost their lives.

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