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The Flaming Lips Smash Out Social Distancing Gig With Crowd And Band In Giant Plastic Bubbles

Disregard evaluating drive-in shows to deal with the requirement for social removing and the hankering for live diversion – simply bounce into monster plastic air pockets like The Flaming Lips accomplished for a crowd of people on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

We’re all missing the surge of a live presentation, that is no untruth. With COVID-19 closing out gigs around the world, numerous performers are attempting to make sense of how to make gigs conceivable by and by while remembering wellbeing.

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Despite the fact that we’ve just observed drive-in shows make a run as the most up to date type of amusement, and how one organization is making a space-like suite to go to shows in, The Flaming Lips bounced directly into what they know – acting in mammoth plastic air pockets, similarly as they as of late did on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

It’s not the first run through the Oklahoman alt-musical gang have used these props, as the goliath plastic air pockets are a staple to frontman Wayne Coyne’s dramatic artistry at gigs, as he can ordinarily be seen strolling inside one of the reasonable air pockets in a group riding way.

With this prop is very much utilized by Coyne, the whole band chose to play in their own plastic air pockets while highlighting on Colbert’s show within the sight of a genuine, live crowd, who were additionally in their own plastic air pocket.

While having every part inside their own air pocket, and the whole crowd shaking out in their own air pockets, the gig was set to be a socially separating achievement where everybody could stick to some damn great music while remembering their wellbeing.

Despite the fact that it was a fleeting gig, with The Flaming Lips playing out their 1999 hit ‘Race For The Prize’ from The Soft Bulletin, the show emits a wide range of thoughts regarding what gigs could resemble when they return.

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