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My Mother Hasn’t Talked To My Grandmother In A Year, And They Live In Same House.

My grandmother (85) can’t make sense of what she did or why it occurs, and she’s been distressed about it. Any individual who attempts to converse with my mother (65) about it, she begins speaking adversely about that individual and closes them out as well.

Like her sibling. He attempted to disclose to her that it is so off-base to do that to my grandmother, and now she shows hatred towards him.

My mother has had a ton of issues throughout her life that I don’t think she at any point managed. She experienced separation. She’s battled monetarily and lost a house. Insolvency. Malignant growth multiple times. She took outrage out on me when I was a youngster and sincerely manhandled me.

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I believe that she may feel like a disappointment since she lives with my grandmother and doesn’t have an exit plan, thus takes it out subliminally on her. My grandmother is the best, most adoring woman, and she’s communicated how much this damages her and she needs to improve it, my mother will not talk.

It’s a grievous circumstance. I’m thinking about whether any other individual had witnessed something comparative in their family…an extraordinary quiet treatment.

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