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In 2017, Alex Smith impacted the world forever by being the first QB to begin numerous season finisher games in the city of Kansas City

Notwithstanding moving to Kansas City in 1963, no quarterback from any establishment had ever begun more than 1 season finisher game in Kansas City.

This incorporates Chiefs and their adversaries. Alex Smith broke this pattern with his two home season finisher begins in the 2016 and 2017 seasons. Tragically for him, they were the two misfortunes for the Chiefs

The following are the quarterbacks and their season finisher records in Kansas City. I put the year other than quarterbacks who played in KC after Smith achieved this memorable accomplishment.

1-0: Griese, Deberg, Montana, Harbaugh, Elway, Manning, Flacco, Roethlisberger, Mariota, Brady (2018)

0-1: Dawson, Marinovich, O’Donnell, Bono, Grbac, Green, Cassel, Luck (2018), Watson (2019) Tannehill (2019)

0-2: Smith

3-1: Mahomes (2018-2019)

This likewise shows before 2019, the record for most successes by a quarterback in the postseason in Arrowhead Stadium was 1. Indeed, only one. What’s more, when the Chiefs fell behind the Texans in the 2019 Divisional, it appeared as though that record would stand.

So it took 55 seasons for this abnormality to end. Subsequent to investigating, no other NFL group has seen so much QB irregularity on their fields during the end of the season games.

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