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Netflix Pulls ‘People group’ Episode ‘Advanced Dungeons and Dragons’ Due to Blackface Scenes (Exclusive)

Hulu additionally evacuated the Season 2 scene which highlights Ken Jeong’s character wearing dark cosmetics while playing “D&D”

Netflix has pulled the “Network” Season 2 scene “Advanced Dungeons and Dragons,” which highlights Ken Jeong’s character, Ben Chang, sporting blackface during a round of “Prisons and Dragons,” TheWrap has adapted solely.

In this scene of the Dan Harmon-made arrangement, the examination bunch gets together to play a round of “D&D” with individual Greendale understudy “Fat Neil” (played by Charley Koontz). Chang appears at the game wearing a white wig, with dark cosmetics covering the entirety of his uncovered skin.

When Shirley (Yvette Nicole Brown) says, “In this way, we’re simply going to disregard that loathe wrongdoing, huh?” Chang reacts, “I’m a dim mythical being or a drow.” Chang continues to play the game dressed that way, going about as the character “Brutalitops the Magician,” until he is slaughtered and wiped out.

“Propelled Dungeons and Dragons,” the fourteenth scene of Season 2 of “Network,” first disclosed Feb. 3, 2011, on NBC.

Hours after Netflix expelled the scene from its foundation, Hulu stuck to this same pattern and took “Propelled Dungeons and Dragons” down too.

In an announcement, Sony Pictures Television, the studio behind “Network,” said it “underpins” Netflix and Hulu’s choices to pull the scene.

Agents for Harmon didn’t promptly react to TheWrap’s solicitation for input.

Netflix’s choice to expel this scene of “Network” from its administration goes ahead a similar morning TheWrap only detailed “The Office” maker Greg Daniels and NBCUniversal’s choice to re-alter a Season 9 Christmas scene of the satire that remembers a character for blackface.

Prior this week, two different sitcoms, “Cleans” and “30 Rock,” pulled various scenes every that highlighted characters in blackface. Both were done in line with the show’s makers.

Me, as time passes without a declaration about the film

Me, as time passes without a declaration about the film

It’s unsatisfactory, okay? You lie to me! At the point when you state something begins at nine.

creeps out of the room crying

Returns to toss down a seat strolling like a dinosaur.

We’re all Abed here, standing by persistently for the film on the grounds that Enibiablog is our companion 😦

Harmon: You sat right there for a long time. That didn’t trouble you?

Fanbase: Oh, I was incensed

Harmon: Why didn’t you leave?

Fanbase: Because you put it on Netflix and said we were companions

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