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Update: I Think My Mother Is Trying To Poison Me (2)

A woman made a post here about sometime prior to the circumstance with her mother. This is what occurred since then according to her: I didn’t take the pills any longer yet claimed to proceed as though I’ve not seen anything.

The day after my last post my mother made me supper and gullible as I am I suspected she was simply being decent. After a couple of nibbles of the Gulasch (conventional food in my nation), I saw something odd I was gnawing on.

Turns out there were little bits of broken glass in my feast. I stood up to her and she imagined she had now Idea how those got in there. She made up something about her breaking a container and unintentionally leaving some wrecked pieces on the work surface, attempting to cause everything to appear as though a mishap and I was simply being a bitch about it.

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Obviously I didn’t yet it and it caused me to understand that she was most likely going to go a lot further on the off chance that I didn’t bite the dust or escape this circumstance on schedule. With the goal that night I got together the entirety of my most valuable possessions and left the house.

I took the train to my cousin’s place who lives in a city 2 hours from us. From that point forward I’ve really gotten low maintenance line of work as a beautician (that is what I’m prepared for)But I can’t remain with her for long and If I don’t get a loft before long I will be destitute.

My mother has been irate when she discovered I was gone so I disclosed to her that I simply needed to visit my cousin suddenly and I’m simply in the midst of a get-away at her place.

With the goal that’s what has been going on in the event that anybody wants to think about it.

See you, Dahlia


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