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Calvin Johnson Was Tackled Inside 2 yards Of The Goal Line 16 Times In His Career.

Calvin Johnson finished with 84 career TDs (83 receiving and 1 rushing). Just a wild coincidence that he finished exactly 16 short of the 100 TD milestone. Of course, I realize context matters – not all 16 instances involved flukey shoestring tackles.

For example, this 3rd and 2 play designed to get the first down and the infamous Kam Chancellor Peanut Punch and ensuing controversy (sorry Lions fans).

Additional notes:

In 2012 alone, Megatron was tackled at the opponent 1 or 2 yard line SEVEN times. He finished the 2012 season with a record 1964 yards but just 5 TDs, bracketed by 16 and 12 TD seasons in 2011 and 2013.

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Since 1994 (the first year of play-by-play data), Larry Fitzgerald and former teammate Anquan Boldin have the most receptions tackled within 2 yards of the goal line with 24 each. (Source)

Jerry Rice is tied for 5th on that list with 21. This doesn’t even account for his first 9 seasons due to the unavailability of play-by-play before 1994. Just bonkers.

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