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Flying A Sofa! This Video Is Awkward.

Ok, someone please prove me wrong, but was that guy not secured to the couch? I didn’t see him buckle up or out when taking off or landing.

On the off chance that he was, it’s very much covered up… of this video was awkward.

He was on a sofa eating Doritos and drinking a coke, he was more comfortable than I was.

It resembles an awful dream. Like you went to class and neglected to wear pants. But you’re high over the ground on your bed, tipping to and fro and you’re hanging on with a death grip in case you dive to your demise. Something’s wrong.

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You settled on some helpless decisions to get to this point and you’re thinking twice about it. At that point a whirlwind thumps you off, making you out of nowhere wake up frightened, bit by bit recapturing your heading and acknowledging you are neither tumbling to your demise nor could such a silly circumstance happen in light of the fact that you’re not a hazard taking nitwit.

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