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Reducing Screen Time Kids To Protect Mental Health

I have a 4yr old, he’ll be 5 in November. I adore him yet he cherishes his TV and games. It has driven me up the wall in the past that the primary thing he requests when I get off work is in the event that he can mess around or sit in front of the TV.

He will have tantrums and disclose to me how “exhausted” he is with the many toys and outside play he has. I work all day and I’m in school so I’m blameworthy of giving him the TV so I can do schoolwork or step through an exam. I likewise give him a tablet for lengthy drives.

I was at my youngests 9mon examination when they asked how much screen time the child gets. I was stunned that that is even an inquiry at this age… yet, this lead to a conversation about my most seasoned. The pediatrician is concerned he’s headed to a screen enslavement.

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So we’re eliminating screen time. Today is the very first moment and I as of now observe why its such an issue. He had, many fits, after fit. He’s right now in his room shouting that he has bad dreams without the TV and he can’t rest without it. My wife and I plan to just utilize the TV on ends of the week, and just a couple of hours daily.

I need great musings since school will be increasingly troublesome without the interruption for him… be that as it may, after what I saw today, I think its extremely significant. Any exhort?


It will be extremely hard from the outset. So you have to remain solid in your objective here. Here are a few proposals:

Get a clock/clock, particularly one he can see checking down, and set the TV time. At the point when the clock is up, television time is finished!

Pick a period of day that is alright for television. We like television after supper and shower. That way he can be less worried about needing to watch since he knows when he can watch. Likewise it can enable you to design. You realize you’ll have the length of Frozen or whatever to get your work done.

My child (3.5 kid) is quite acceptable about killing his show in the event that I give him the controller. He may cry as he does it, yet my child will consistently end the program in the event that I state he can do it or I’ll press the catch (in a pleasant tone). My child is more youthful however I think the having control/power encourages him.

At long last I’ve seen others post about doing this and being effective on the off chance that he truly battles, go without any weaning period. Take the television and set it aside so it’s not shown/obvious. Another post I saw about television addictive propensities proposed this and it worked for the OP!

It will be extremely terrible from the outset in the event that he truly is framing a habit, yet you’re making the best decision! Good karma!!

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