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Do You Regret Having Children?

Do You Regret Having Children?

I'm certain that this inquiry has just been posed previously however as basic as that, for those of you that chose to have children, do you think twice about it?

5.5 Year Old Still Wearing Overnight Diapers

My 5.5-year-old little girl despite everything wets her diaper around evening time. She has been utilizing the latrine since 2.5 (during the day) yet has never had in excess of 2 sequential dry evenings, so we despite everything have her wear a short-term diaper.

I Think My Mom Is Trying To Poison Me

Alright, it's extremely difficult for me to share this, yet I truly need to get it out there to check in case I'm going crazy. I have no one in my life to converse with about this, and on the off chance that I did it would consistently discover it's way back to my mother.