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Tag: Raising Kids

Reducing Screen Time Kids To Protect Mental Health

Reducing Screen Time Kids To Protect Mental Health

I have a 4yr old, he'll be 5 in November. I adore him yet he cherishes his TV and games. It has driven me up the wall in the past that the primary thing he requests when I get off work is in the event that he can mess around or sit in front of the TV.

Do You Regret Having Children?

Do You Regret Having Children?

I'm certain that this inquiry has just been posed previously however as basic as that, for those of you that chose to have children, do you think twice about it?

Try Not To Let Your Kids Livestream-Watch

The deadly spread of coronavirus has put Britain in lockdown. Leaders warning that the public should not go outside unless “absolutely necessary” has ensured the majority of World population stay in their homes to reduce the spread of COVID-19.